Barter card or BBX they both work for me


Most people understand what Barter is and some of you may have even heard of the two main Barter currencies here in Australia. Barter Card and BBX, which I personally am a member of both.

For me the concept of using these currencies was a no-brainer as I work in a service based industry it was relatively easy to give our my service on barter without facing any great great finical struggle through expensive stock. But it still needs to be kept in scale as one can’t pay the bills with barter, so the amount of work done on Trade needs to be kept at about 10~20% otherwise the old wallet drys up.

That being said Working in Barter has change my lifestyle; today we have a way to pay for luxuries that we would have forgone because we can pay for them on with Barter. When we travel there is accommodation, restaurants, and more. We have bought cars, Trailers, boats, cloths, presents and so much more on barter.

If you are looking for a way to increase your sales and also upgrade your lifestyle then give Barter Card and BBX a careful look.

I’m always happy to talk to people about either of these barter currencies and you will notice we accept them both here at South Coast Local.

Why pay with hard earned cash when you can pay with trade and make a sale while increasing your lifestyle.

09/01/2014 |
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